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At Aspect Advisory our values guide every decision we make and every interaction we have – they anchor the way we do business. When it comes to our culture and people, we foster collaboration through trust and leadership –delivering the greatest value to our clients through a combination of our skills, perspectives, and experiences.

What makes us uniquely distinct from the typical consultant business models is that:

  • As a boutique consultancy focused on Risk, Finance, Regulation and Digitalisation, we deliver innovative concepts and methodologies based on specialist experience and analytical backgrounds

  • We work across multifaceted competencies of Risk, Finance, Regulation and Digitalisation – we overcome the traditional silo thinking and offer client-specific solutions as well as sustainable implementation development strategies

  • We are people driven and we allow our members of all levels to actively participate in the running and development of our young firm

about the programme

While many internship programmes force you to perform repetitive, assistant-type roles, our programme is built on a different philosophy. We believe in showing you the full extent of our engagements with clients and equipping you with the necessary skills to become a world-class management consultant. 

The internship lasts between four and six weeks depending on your academic time constraints and engagement timelines. You will be deployed to a project alongside a project team which is led by an experience engagement manager – this means that you will be working in a highly professional environment and would be expected to present and conduct yourself accordingly. Since you directly join a project, you are on-the-ground and delivering value-adding results to C-suite clients from day 1.


You will be responsible for assisting the team deliver a successful project and will be guided by more experienced team members throughout. As an intern, you will likely be involved in research, data gathering, and basic analysis – all of which are important components to arrive at an end result. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be involved in client meetings and presentations – the true test of the project team’s progress. 

Throughout your time with us, you will be exposed to our culture, working habits, soft-skills, and solution-structuring. We are confident that the internship experience will aid you to achieve your future goals and ambitions.


  • Aspect Advisory is looking for bright, entrepreneurial, and motivated individuals to embark on its internship programme which occurs throughout the year. Candidates should be in their final year of study (undergraduate, honours, or masters). In addition, candidates should possess:

    • A finance skill-set with a focus on banking or insurance

    • The ability to think strategically

    • A logical and creative approach to problem solving

    • Excellent analytical skills

    • Excellent presentation and soft-skills, and

    • The ability to contribute to a positive working environment even during stressful times.

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