Aspect Advisory

Transform your bank's finance and risk processes with our expert automation and digitalisation solutions

Aspect Advisory provides expert assistance in the automation and digitalisation of a Bank’s finance and risk processes, data flows and appropriate governance, through financial modelling software, including a focus on digital banking regulations.


At Aspect Advisory, we specialise in providing expert assistance in transforming your bank’s operations through our cutting-edge financial modelling software.


  • Assess current institution environment for optimal automation of in-house software financial modelling against hosting, software and data constraints
  • Design model process flow for the effective development and deployment of models owned by a division for global use within an institution in real time
  • Implement robust frameworks for the hosting of models, continuous integration, and continuous delivery of models
  • Automated model validation, unit tests, stress tests and back testing
  • Cloud migration


  • Assessment an institution’s data sources and data flows
  • Design of optimal data processes to ensure a ‘single source of truth’, and effective implementation of data lakes and data warehouses where necessary
  • ETL pipeline design and implementation to ensure delivery of effective, clean and structured data from structured and unstructured data sources for ingestion by other processes
  • SQL and NoSQL database schema design
  • Qualitative data ingestion and textual analysis for decision making in risk management processes
  • Assessment and implementation of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision 239 Guidelines for effective risk data aggregation and reporting


  • Assess effective ownership of models and data aligned for effective decision making
  • Mitigation of operational risks due to data miscommunication
  • Ensure ownership aligns with model and data process flow, storage and ingestion


  • Suite of developed A-IRB, IFRS 9 and Pricing Model applications that can be utilised independently or as a collective Risk Platform
  • Minimal integration requirements which ensure quick lead times
  • Ability for integration / adoption of an institution’s in-house models as and where necessary

Our comprehensive digitalisation solutions are designed to take your bank to new heights of efficiency and productivity.

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