Aspect Advisory

Specialised Services & Products

Dr. Christian Schaeffler, Managing Director of Aspect Advisory shares what specialised services and products the company has to offer.

Staying true to our vision and mission

Stuart Thomson, Managing Director of Aspect Advisory shares what strategies are implemented within the organisation to ensure the company’s vision and mission are reflected in its day-to-day operations.

Unique Characteristics

Prof. Dr Christian Schmaltz, Managing Director of Aspect Advisory discusses what makes Aspect Advisory different from its competitors.

Uniqueness of Aspect Advisory Academy

Aspect Advisory Academy offers professional financial management training seminars with over 15 years of experience. Each year, more than 200 candidates are trained through our comprehensive programmes, covering a wide range of topics to enhance financial skills and knowledge.

Aspect Advisory Academy

Welcome to the Aspect Advisory Academy. We believe that you have the power to build strategic financial decisions, increase your influence and drive your company to achieve greater heights. We are here to empower you by offering you a host of the most essential banking and financial topics which are sure to increase your financial acumen in a competitive landscape.

IT and digitalisation shaping the banking sector

At Aspect Advisory, we understand the need to provide clients with a comprehensive and holistic view of their data as they grapple with vast amounts of information. With our expertise in risk, finance, and strategy, we are adept at leveraging the power of automation and machine learning to help banks navigate this digital landscape.

IT space in Africa

We provide our clients with personalised and comprehensive financial modeling software tools that empower them to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to a successful outcome aligned with their specific goals and aspirations.

Transitioning to a low carbon society

At Aspect Advisory, we offer valuable insights to financial institutions seeking to evaluate the risks and opportunities linked to climate change. Our expertise lies in assisting banks in reducing their financed emissions as they transition to a low-carbon society without compromising profitability.

Climate Stress Testing Model

We have developed a climate risk stress testing model that enables financial institutions to assess their exposure to climate risk.

Climate Change and Banking

‘Climate Change’ is not only an existential threat to civilisation but also poses significant risks and opportunities for the economy and the financial sector.