Aspect Advisory

Automation of Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ETR)
– A news event triggered dashboard


Aspect Advisory was engaged in an initiative to accomplish a large DFI’s strategic objective of enhancing its Enterprise Risk Management Framework. As part of the deliverables, this required the creation of an interface for event management that notifies the Risk Management Division in real time of social, economic, and political events pertinent to the Bank for assessment and management to mitigate the potential impact on the bank. 


Developed a backend data-feed that ingests event-driven textual data that is significant to the Bank in real-time, dissemination and categorisation of this data, and evaluation of its relevance and impact on the Bank’s operations and member countries. This starts with an initial process of event identification that is automatically pulled into a centralised event information system that provides a user interface for interaction and management. 


Developed a centralised, real-time, smart and automated solution ensuring that the Bank conducts timely and adequate risk assessments in order to initiate appropriate responses to any significant event. 


  • Automation, Digitalisation, Data-driven decision making, Visualisation 


  • Machine learning, Web development, Process Flow design

Business Area

  • Risk Monitoring & Reporting


  • Risk Management, Big Data