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The ‘Executive Education’ courses offered by Aspect Advisory Academy are intended to educate and equip C-suite level executives with the knowledge and tools they need to plan and get ready for today’s most urgent challenges, which are always changing.

By providing you with seminars on risk management, regulatory requirements, bank management, and climate change, we empower you to create more effective strategies and make wiser business decisions. These seminars will put you in a better position to push your company’s profitability to new heights.

Market Risk Under CRR (FRTB- and non -FRTB)

The regulation for market risk has been finalised as of January 2019: banks with an internal model for market risk must implement P&L-attribution tests, monitor non-modellable risk factors, apply for FRTB – approval and fully implement the standardized approach… 

Bank Controlling

Banks are competing for the most attractive risk-return trade-off. Thus, like in other industries, return controlling is important. In contrast to other industries, risk controlling is at least as important as return controlling. This seminar looks at both controlling dimensions, their particularities, challenges, and implementations… 


1:1 of Banking Regulation

Banking regulation got more and more complex, many people, even regulators have lost overview.

This seminar gives structured overview: for regulators/ bankers/ consultants that are specialists in a regulatory niche, but don’t necessarily see the big picture for Novices in banking/banking regulation… 

Regulatory and Internal Risk Management in Banks

This seminar targets those who are new in the banking industry and would like to get a compact and structured overview of banks’ risk and how they deal with them from a regulatory and an internal point of view. The topic scope is broad. It is organized as a 1.5h lunch seminar series across 12 weeks… 

Overall Bank Management I: Current Status and Future Challenges

You will gain an overview of the key components of overall bank management as an integrated risk and income management system, taking new regulatory requirements into account…

Overall Bank Management II: Practical Use of Key Figures in the Context of Overall Bank Management

Banks are competing for the most attractive risk-return trade-off. Thus, like in other industries, return controlling is important. In contrast to other industries, risk controlling is at least as important as return controlling…


Bank Regulatory Reporting

In this online seminar, you will receive a comprehensive knowledge update from absolute experts on the most important innovations, current challenges and future challenges relating to reporting. You will benefit from the extensive experience of the speakers…


Every executive education seminar listed can be offered either as a “virtual” or “on-site” seminar depending on the participant/s preference and requirement.


Connect from Anywhere
900 Per Day
  • Enhance professional development and be exposed to new perspectives
  • Seminars will take place only if two or more participants register for the event
  • In the event only one participant registers, the seminar may be cancelled, he/she may opt for another date or agree to the one-on-one coaching option @ 1300 EUR/per day
  • Receive a certificate at the end of the seminar
  • Access to the trainers presentation material (PPT, recordings)


Virtual / On-site - hosted at a venue in Frankfurt
1300 Per Day + Trainers expenses for on-site
  • Receive personalised attention
  • Enjoy the flexibility, accountability and ensure confidentiality
  • If the "virtual" option is selected it will be 1300 EUR/per day
  • Receive a certificate at the end of the seminar
  • Access to the trainers presentation material (PPT, recordings)


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Aspect Advisory Academy provides you a host of tools to equip you to enhance your ability so that you can help your organisation manage risk, develop strategic insight and set realistic performance goals.


The expert panel of trainers at Aspect Advisory Academy are specialists in the fields of financial consulting, data science, professors of finance, experts in financial technology. They bring with them extensive industry knowledge and experience offering you real-world strategic business insight and financial acumen to assist you with concepts and frameworks that will create an impact on your organisation.

They are committed to building and developing financial leaders who are future ready.


Partner, Aspect Advisory

Christian has worked with finance and risk divisions in banks across Europe and in South Africa…

His broad experience ranges from instrument pricing, limit setting systems for market risk, instrument cash flow analysis and liquidity stress testing, to dynamic capital allocation concepts. Christian is a professor of finance at the Aarhus University in Denmark and a visiting researcher at Deutsche Bundesbank. He lectures frequently at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for Bank Controlling and Liquidity Risk Management, and provides training on all aspects of banking regulation, covering all risk types. His research is centred around practical challenges in implementing regulation reflected in publications on Basel III – compliance, liquidity risk management and risk reporting. Apart from participating in research conferences, Christian is also a regular speaker at practitioner conferences.


Partner, Aspect Advisory

Christian has worked with finance, risk and IT divisions in the finance and insurances sector across Europe and America over the past 15 years…

His broad experience ranges from regulatory reporting, risk management (market, credit and liquidity) accounting and the (prototypical) IT implementation of the requirements. Before Christian joined the Aspect Advisory family, he was a professor of finance and banking at the university of applied science in Munich, co-founder of a German based consulting boutique and partner of a well-established consulting company in Germany. In addition to his consulting activities, he works as speaker/lecturer for Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the Association of German Public Banks.

After an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, he obtained the diploma degree in business administration from the University of Augsburg, Germany and his PhD at the Centre for Practical Quantitative Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.


Partner, Aspect Advisory

Stuart has focused his 17-year career in Risk and Finance themes, by assisting large Banks, multilaterals and DFI’s across Europe, Africa and the MENA region to design, develop, enhance and implement sustainable, robust and market-leading approaches to the challenges facing the financial sector…

Stuart specialises in themes affecting corporate finance, specifically those which support group and business strategy through organic and inorganic growth planning, as well as post-merger integration and optimisation. His projects focus deeply on the development of agile, robust and comprehensive enterprise risk management frameworks, including developing proactive regulatory amenability for large entities.

Stuart obtained his Commerce (PPE) and LLB degrees from the University of Cape Town and studied Advanced Corporate Finance at the London School of Economics.


Director, Aspect Advisory

Evan’s background comprises of financial mathematics, data analytics and software engineering. He has considerable experience working in quantitative modelling, data and application development across industries of Finance, Fintech and Utilities, with expertise in designing, developing and deploying data-driven, cloud-based and native applications…

He also has a keen interest in machine learning, blockchain technologies and fintech.

Evan holds a BSc (Eng.) in Civil Engineering and a MPhil. specialising in Mathematical Finance from the University of Cape Town.


Senior Manager, Aspect Advisory

Dario Ruggiero is a Senior Manager of the Aspect Advisory Group. Before that, he worked for many years as a Senior Consultant for a large reporting provider…

His main focus was on consulting and technical implementation of regulatory innovations at large retail banks, private banks and German state banks.

His expertise spans the areas of clearing houses, RWA calculation, credit risk mitigation and reporting requirements (e.g. capital and liquidity requirements) at European level and ESG risks. In addition, he has very good knowledge of the reporting software BAIS.


ESG & Climate Expert, Aspect Advisory

Mutale has worked on climate focused and sustainable finance projects with banks in South Africa and Europe. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Financial Technology and obtained a Business Science degree, both from the University of Cape Town. Mutale provides advisory services to advance business strategies for financial institutions with the aim of supporting the transition to a more climate resilient, lower carbon and sustainable, socially inclusive economy.



Today’s leaders are those who understand the complexities of a changing landscape. They work towards ensuring their companies are well prepared to make necessary policy decisions and develop impactful strategies which will exhibit the productive and innovative nature of their organisations.

Whether you are interested in how to mitigate risks, be well versed to use financial instruments, stay up to date with the changes in regulation or ensure your company prioritises ESG, we will work with you and tailor every aspect of the programme to ensure your team has a unique experience and the programmes meet the organisation’s specific needs.

The added value and exclusivity associated with personalised tailor made seminars will come at an additional fee depending on the overall requirement.

We would love to hear from you and develop bespoke learning solutions for your organisation that will address your company’s challenges and deliver desired outcomes more effectively.