Aspect Advisory

From Data to Insights: How a Loan Application Robot Can Help to Unveil Patterns Across Thousands of Applications


In an era where information is abundant yet often untapped, our client, a large development bank in South Africa faced an all-too-common predicament. Despite storing loan applications in spreadsheets, they struggled to uncover portfolio patterns and make informed decisions. 


In a game-changing move, Aspect Advisory has centralized over 20,000 loan applications into a single access file, creating a robust data warehouse like no other. This transformative impact of big data analytics has catapulted the bank into a data-driven powerhouse, enabling them to run cutting-edge analytics to identify patterns and improve their risk forecasts. 


A centralized database of all loan applications with all their client- and contact details enabled the client to have a holistic view on their portfolio. 


  • Data and Technology


  • Programming Skills, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization 

Business Area

  • Loan applications