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Consulting Trends

Introduction This article offers a perceptive overview of 5 key trends that are poised to drive and reshape the financial sector this year and beyond. These valuable insights will assist businesses in navigating the evolving landscape and making strategic decisions to achieve success. If you aspire to stay ahead of the curve and prosper in […]

TradFi and DeFi

Introduction The financial world is undergoing a transformative shift as decentralised finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi) converge, paving the way for a promising future. With DeFi’s innovative approach backed by blockchain technology, and TradFi’s deep-rooted experience and stability, the amalgamation of these two spheres offers unparalleled opportunities for investors and financial institutions alike. DeFi […]

Post COP28 Dubai

Introduction 2023 has now been officially confirmed as the hottest year on record, sounding alarm bells about the tangible impacts of climate change and the efficacy of global efforts to mitigate its effects. In this article, we consider what responses the world, and the financial sector in particular areare adopting or planning to adopt in […]

COP28 Dubai

Introduction As the world gears up for the 28th UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), we are reminded of the critical juncture we face in our collective fight against climate change. Nearly eight years after the historic Paris Agreement, COP28 stands out for hosting the first-ever “Global Stock Take” – a comprehensive assessment of global progress […]

Tokenization vs. Encryption

We’ve set out the most important things you need to know about data breaches, how they happen, and how tokenization and encryption are used to protect you against them. Introduction In the fast-evolving realm of data security, two titans currently dominate this space enhanced by the latest technological developments: Tokenization and Encryption. As organisations strive […]

California requires companies to report carbon emissions

California has just dropped a bombshell on the corporate world with the unveiling of The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, or as we like to call it, the “Green Giants’ Reality Check.” This game-changing law is a massive leap towards tackling climate change head-on, and it’s got businesses quaking in their eco-friendly boots. If you’re […]

European Sustainability Reporting Standards

1. What is it? The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) went into effect on January 5 2023 to reinforce the reporting requirements for social and environmental reporting and requires companies to make extensive, detailed disclosures about sustainability performance and related strategic implications. The aim of the CSRD is to bring sustainability reporting on par with […]

Greening the Financial Landscape: The Surge of ESG Regulations for Institutions

I. Introduction In today’s financial landscape, strong balance sheets and positive earnings forecasts are no longer the only factors that determine the success of financial services organisations. Stakeholders, including investors and customers, are increasingly evaluating firms based on their commitment to addressing broader economic and societal challenges. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have become […]

Data-driven vs. Data-information

Data-driven vs. data-informed decision making is a critical topic for business leaders in the digital era. Understanding the distinction between these two approaches empowers organisations to leverage their data effectively and gain a competitive edge. While both methodologies rely on data analysis to drive decision-making, there is a fundamental difference in their underlying principles.  The […]